College Student Resources 

Student Gift Card

Families/Students can now apply for our gift cards. These cards can be used for various reasons: school expenses, personal expenses, emergencies, gifts, etc. 

Talk with your college representative about this product.

Student Credit Management 

Crisis into Credit now provide resources that offer students an opportunity to participate in a Credit Management Program. Do you work and continue to feel like your income can never exceed your expenses? Let us help you TODAY!

Student Emergency Fund 

We know that things do not always go the way you plan so we offer a faster way to obtain needed cash for school and school related expenses. Need help? This help includes food, clothing, etc.  Talk to one of our Credit Agents TODAY! (This is a benevolence program)

Student Line of (Points) Credit 

Student Lines of (points) Credit is most ideal  for students and their families that get started on our college planning program BEFORE the 9th grade! need assistance with college related expenses like tuition, books, housing, meal plans, etc. Did you just learn that you need more money for college? Apply TODAY!

Student Blessing Store 

Crisis into Credit now offer students the opportunity to earn cash for shopping.  Yes you can actually earn frequent higher points that can be turned in for cash rewards. Go to the link now and purchase items you already use and start building points that can be transformed into scholarships and/ or cash benefits. START  TODAY!

Student Insurance Plans

We now assist students in obtaining true life insurance that can be used while you live. Unfortunately many have been led to get what is really "death" insurance because with that type of insurance something bad has to happen for someone to benefit. With our insurance you don't have to break an arm, get in a car wreck or die to benefit. It is a win, win, win for you NOW!

Student Loan Debt Relief Plans

It’s 2021 and Americans are more burdened by student loan debt than ever.

You’ve probably heard the statistics: Americans owe nearly $1.6 trillion in student loan debt spread out among about 44 million borrowers. In fact, the average Class of 2019 graduate has $31,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from last year. Remember this is an average, some students have $80,000 or more in student loan debt. We can assist students with reducing their student loan debt by one-third (1/3) the cost and time. Apply TODAY!


Student Retirement Portal

It is a fact that those born after 1988 will not see any significant amount of social security. Unfortunately, 42% of millennials Have Not Begun Saving for Retirement. 30% of men do not have retirement savings while that percentage is 38% for women. 9% of women have saved $300k or more for retirement but that number is 16% for men.  Start your retirement TODAY.